Hillside Surgery Center

What to Expect

Prior to your Procedure

You will receive your pre-procedure instructions from your physician's office. It is very important that you follow these instructions carefully. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call your physician's office.

You will also receive a call from one of our pre-evaluation nurses to obtain health-related information and answer questions. This interview will be pre-arranged at a convenient time that meets your needs. This interview is a mandatory part of your surgical experience and must be completed as scheduled prior to the day of surgery.

Once You Arrive

Upon arrival, please check in at the Hillside Surgery Center. We are located at Hillside Medical Park; use Entrance B to park. Note the green awning for entrance into the Surgery Center. You will enter our waiting room/reception area. Someone at the desk will help you to check in. Please have your photo ID ready and you will receive your identification band. A nurse will get you prepared for surgery i.e. gown, slippers, vital signs, intravenous line (if applicable) and medications as ordered.

The anesthesia provider will speak with you (if applicable) about the type of anesthesia, your past health history and review medication you are taking.

Your physician/surgeon will speak with you before surgery to review your plan of care, obtain your signature on the Surgical/Procedural Consent Form, mark the surgical site, and answer any questions you may have.

In the Operating Room

The operating room nurse will introduce him/herself, verify consent and review the surgical site with you. Your understanding of this is very important; please ask questions. The nurse and anesthesia provider (if applicable) will bring you into the operating room. The nurse will then explain items such as body position, safety precautions, monitoring devices and comfort measures. After the surgery is performed you will be transported to the recovery area.

We understand you have many choices in health care and appreciate you chose us to assist with your health care needs. We strive to ensure you are happy and safe throughout your stay with us. Part of these efforts include National Safety Initiatives which include something called “Time Outs and Fire Safety Plans” while you are in the Operating Room. As an experienced staff we are always adapting and improving our already efficient practices. We don’t anticipate any issues arising in the process and plan diligently for any unforeseeable complications. While you are in the Operating Room, if you remain awake during your procedure or not, The Surgical team will call a “Time Out” which will include your name, date of birth and your procedure before the procedure occurs. This is a safety measure taken in all Operating Rooms Nationwide. Another mandated safety measure is a “Fire Safety Plan” in which the Surgical team will announce that there is a safety plan in place. Your safety is foremost here at Hillside Ambulatory Surgery Center, LLC. We know surgery can be anxiety causing for you, the patient and your loved ones, and we will do all we can to help ease your fears and concerns. Please know that you, the patient, are in charge and we are here for you and your needs. Please voice any concerns or suggestions to one of our competent staff.

In the Recovery Room

Your post-operative care begins when you are admitted to the PACU (Post-Anesthesia Care Unit) and extends through your discharge from this facility.

Your time spent in the ASC after surgery/procedure varies with your age, physical health, type of procedure, anesthesia used and post-operative events.

A nurse in the PACU area will be taking care of you during your post-operative phase. The nurse will monitor your vital signs closely and provide for individual needs and comfort.

Pain management for you is important. You will be asked to help us accomplish this by use of a pain scale of 0 to 10 with zero being the least severe and 10 being the most severe.

After Discharge

Plan for someone to stay with you for the first 24 hours after your surgical procedure or until the following morning.

Your post-operative instructions will be reviewed with you and your significant other (i.e. family member, friend) by the nurse upon discharge.

The instructions will include: wound care, diet, activities, use of pain management measures, medications, follow-up visits with your surgeon/provider and any other special instructions and precautions.

After all discharge criteria have been met, you will be discharged with a responsible adult.

One to three days after surgery you will receive a follow up phone call by a nurse from the ASC to see how you are doing.

***If at any time, you do not understand or agree with your plan of care, please don’t hesitate to call us at (603)524-7514 and ask to talk with a nurse. The nurse will explain more in detail and the plan of care can be revised if necessary.******

Hillside Surgery Center
Hillside Surgery Center